Steps to become a improv moderator

We are open to anyone who wants to invest time and has the motivation and energy to carry it out. For the candidates to know what to expect, we defined a process and required skills.

Advantages of being a moderator

  • You learn to see what a group wants and how he is feeling
  • You are more aware about the individual body language and personalities of the members of the group

Disadvantages of being a moderator

Expected skills

  • High level of energy to keep everyone engage
  • Patience with the mistakes of other people
  • They must show interest in being trained as a moderators
  • They should be open for feedbacks and mentoring

Process for new moderators

With these steps Rice Cookie will support your development as a moderator and you will learn how much time and effort and time its involves from the beginning.

  1. You, as a candidate, have to come one month at least one day every week
  2. You have to learn to moderate a warm-up games, exercises and performance games (3-4 games each session for some months)
    • In case you they never did moderation of theater/educational workshop, you must attend these workshops where Atanas and Lucho could give them small parts of workshop in order to train moderation skills and after several workshops, to give them a chance to moderate a whole session
  3. You have to prepare a 2 or 3 hours written plan
    • With this you grasp how much effort is to moderate. Otherwise you will be surprised, that you need additional 1-2 hours per week to moderate a 3-hours session. If you can't invest this time, you will better wait until you have it
  4. An experienced moderater will when you are ready for moderating the whole workshop. Skills and abilities are evaluated, not formal instruction like improv courses. The moderator has the right to say no and you, as the candidate, don't have to hurry up for moderating a whole session

The experienced moderators will to give you support and feedback. Every moderator can help you and a workshop to teach moderation could be held on one Thursday.

Your responsabilities