Weekend or one-day special improvtheater workshops

Every 3-4 months we invite theater teachers from Munich or around Europe to come to this city and give us a workshop in a special topic. Sometimes traveling improv teachers contact us and mostly we organize workshops with teachers we met in improv festivals. Here you will find a list of our next workshops and the takeaways of the past ones.

Next Workshops

Working on new workshops. To be the first one the know about new workshops, you can join our meetup group. It is our mailinglist/newsletter.

Last Workshops

Takeaways from Workshops

Special workshop organizer: Responsabilities and tasks (Role)


  • Arrange with the teacher the fees, a date and the topic of the workshop
  • Talk with him/her about accommodation and travel expenses to Munich
  • Create new page for the workshop
    • Write an interesting description of the topics
    • Describe the experience of the trainer
    • Add videos and photos of the trainer
  • Make a list of the people interested in the workshop and ask for a small payment in advance
  • If enough interested people are found
    • Confirm the workshop with the trainer
    • Ask the threasurer to rent a room for those people
    • Create an event on Facebook, meetup.com and a page on the website
    • Decide if promotion outside Rice Cookie inviting other improv groups is required
    • Collect the payments before the workshop
    • Transfer the money to pay the fees of the teacher before or after the workshop
    • Transfer the money to pay for the room to the threasurer
    • Ask someone to take photos or make videos during the workshop
    • Ask people for permission to use those photos and videos
    • Ask people for feedback about the teacher and workshop
  • Plan new workshops


  • Choose a main topic for the workshop
  • Choose a structure for the workshop
  • Choose how to promote the workshop outside Rice Cookie
  • Define admission rules for those members who are late

Required permissions

  • Member of the “Improv enthusiasts in MUC” whatsapp group
  • Admin of the “Rice Cookie Improv Meetups” whatsapp group
  • FIXME Write access to the wiki on the workshops workspace
  • Co-Host permission on meetup.com
  • FIXME ? permission on the facebook page


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