Power of Play, Character development and expression of Emotions with Jonny Nelson


This workshop was canceled


The teacher

Jonny Nelson is an improviser and teacher who lives in Chicago. He has been performing in improv shows for 13 years. He is proud to be a teacher at the world famous Second City where he teaches improv, advanced improv, sketch comedy, and improv for anxiety. Jonny also teaches fast paced short form improv at Comedy Sportz Chicago. In addition to teaching Jonny is a veteran performer. He has performed musical improv with Second City’s Infinite Sunday’s, long form improv with the ensembles of Juneboy & Berserker at the iO theater Chicago, short form improv at Comedysportz Chicago, improv and sketch with Eisbär a two man show, his solo show Social Science at iO, improv for children with The Greatest Story Never Told.

Review of this show Eisbar List of improvisation essembles and shows Profile at Second City Profile at io Theater

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Unfortunately Jonny couldn't share with us any video of his latest shows. Filming of improv games don't work out because the acting isn't prepared for the camera.

Topics of the workshop

Improv Fundamentals - The Power of Play (3-5 hours) on Saturday 1st June

This is the perfect fit for both the working professional and the novice improviser looking to sharpen their skills!

Through the joy of games this workshop emphasizes unlocking ones playful and creative side. Learn to silence the personal negativity that can cause you to freeze up. Additionally, learn to hone teamwork, communication skills, active listening, give and take of focus, and agreement all while having tons of fun!

Jonny has brought this signature workshop to big business liked LinkedIn, groups dealing with anxiety, and to new aspiring improvers!

Improv Fundamentals - Character and Emotion (3-5 hours) on Sunday 2nd June

This workshop will help performers learn how to use character to sustain their improvised scenes and continues to build on and reinforce all concepts form “The Power of Play” workshop.

Exercise will focus on character wants, emotion, point of view, status, and physicality. When you know the internal and external life of your character improv starts to feel more easy and fun!

Learn to take the pressure off of searching for a joke or trying to be funny by developing the “who” of the scene.

It’s perfect for the new improvisor looking to dive a bit deeper!

Other details


This workshop was canceled

:!: Dates: Saturday 1st, June and Sunday 2nd, June

Place: to be define, it may be near Giesing Hbf, in Studio Rebecca or MUCCA auf Dachaerstr.

Estimated Price per participant for the two daysNumber of participantsWhen?
80-105 EUR15-2011:00 to 17:00 (5 hours + lunch break)
105-133 EUR11-1411:00 to 16:00 (4 hours + lunch break)
111-139 EUR8-1013:00 to 16:00 (3 hours)

Reserve your place!

To finalize the organization of the event and give you the final price, the organizators needs to know the number of attendees. To sign up, please send EUR 25 to the Paypal address REMOVED or give the money in cash to Antonio Robirosa on Saturday. This will show your commitment and secure your place for the workshop.

In case the workshop isn't held, Antonio will return your money. On February 9th we will send the final price and there you can decide if you take the workshop or you get your money back

The places will be given in the order the money is received and there will be a waiting list

Organization Costs

As Improv-Enthusiasts we are organizing this to learn and play better scenes. All the costs will be divided equally between the participants and the organizers won't earn a cent, only the pleasure of having a workshop in Munich. On the following spreadsheet you will find all the costs of the event and you can ask Antonio Robirosa for a picture of the receipt of the expenses, when the workshop is over.

Details of all the costs


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