"Recognize your own boundaries and those of other people" with Dr. Celina

This workshop was cancelled

Topics of the workshop

How do we know where the boundaries are in an improv scene? What is ok to use for comedic effect and where does funny become poor taste? How far can you go in a sexy scene before being rude? What about touching? When the answer is always yes, it can be hard to know.

You are invited to an inquiry into boundaries and nonverbal communication. Together, we will explore:

  • physical space
  • emotional and cultural sensitivity
  • how to recognize and name your limits
  • how to negotiate boundaries for a scene
  • what do do when someone oversteps your boundaries
  • how to apologize when you’ve misread a cue

The teacher

 Dr. Celine - Sex Coach - Photo credit: Greig McArthur Celina Criss holds a PhD in Human Sexuality and is a Certified Sex Coach. In a past life she was a kindergarten teacher and amateur archaeologist. A sun-worshipping California girl, Celina favors the Oxford comma, is powered by cookies, and is most easily recognized by her giggle. She is fascinated by the history of sex and sexology and is delighted every time she learns about a new sex practice.

Celina's website

Everyone, with or without improv experience is welcome to join this workshop which will not only improve your group scenes but also your relationships in your everyday life.

Date: Saturday 18. April ♦ 15-18 o'clock
Place: McArthur & McArthur Studios Schwanthalerstraße 184, 80339, München
Price per participant: REMOVED Number of participants: 12-20

As Improv-Enthusiasts we are organizing this to learn and play better scenes. All the costs will be divided equally between the participants and the organizers won't earn a cent, only the pleasure of having this workshop in Munich.

This workshop was cancelled


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