Online improv meetups

We are open to new members. To come to our next open jam, please join Rice Cookies Meetup group Rice Cookies - Improvtheater in Munich

We can stop doing it! We are addicted to improv, so let's do it online! To spend less time with technical problems, Please read this page carefully before joining our online meetups.

Before the workshop

At least 30 minutes before the meeting, install Zoom on a desktop computer. And check:

  • Do you hear sounds? Are the speakers working?
  • Do you hear yourself? Is the microphone working? If you have problems please watch this video Configuring audio and video with Zoom
  • Can you talk without hearing an echo?
  • Does your camera work? If you have problems please watch this video Configuring audio and video with Zoom
  • Do you know how to mute your microphone?
  • Do you know how to turn off your camera?
  • Where is the chat window?
  • Is your battery fully charged or your laptop is plugged in?
  • Do you have water or any other beverage nearby?

We will use the following gestures:

  • Raise your hand to talk
  • Thumbs ups: Everything is ok!
  • Thumbs down: You didn't like it!
  • Cross arms in front of your chest: Stop what you are doing!
  • Police-officer-stop hand: To pause a scene/exercise
  • Waving hands: Applause! (sign language style)

Other tips:

  • When you aren't playing a scene, please turn off your camera
  • Use your body when you are sitting down, make sure you are sitting upright. Create a focussed body position and you will feel that way!
  • Allow time for lag! Stop at the end of your sentence and be delighted by what your partner says. We prepare for more silent moments as the sound travels to the other participants

Joining the workshop

The moderator is going to generate the invitation link and post it on as comment 10 minutes before. Join in and check if your microphone and your camera are working.

Next online session: topic and games

For Moderators

After the workshop

  1. To make this session even more fun and interesting, please give leave your feedback here:
  2. If you are interested in more online improv, you can join this WhatsApp group Please use the password ricecookie

Played games


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