Moderators of Rice Cookie

Useful information

Contact information of the owner of the rooms where we practice

Signs to show the way to the practice room (for printing with Libreoffice Draw): Libreoffice Draw File

Training other moderators

First words in front of the group

Please use the CRIST acronym to remember to name the following topics

  • Contributions: You will talk about this at the end of the workshop. A lot of people are eager to pay up-front
  • Insect Repellent and sun protection cream is available for everyone if it is summer
  • Improv-Theater prepares us for unexpected situations. This is a safe environment to make mistakes. Our community doesn't focus on improving drama skills.
  • The Stop word in our group is “Pineapple”. If someone feels uncomfortable in a scene, he/she says “Pineapple”, we freeze the scene and replace him/her with another player. This delegates part of the responsibility of identifying discomfort on the players and the players can take more risks on stage because they know how to stop any discomfort
  • Location of the Toilette because it is annoying to interrupt the workshop to explain where the toilettes are

Last words in front of the group

  • We ask for Contributions to pay the rent of the rooms and the fees
  • Because we like to hang out together, the moderator or a regular proposes where to go for drinks

Tasks, responsabilities and decision of the Moderators (Role)


Members can become moderators via a fair inclusive process meant to ensure they have the necessary skills and intentions.

Tasks of the moderators

  • Finding a moderator if something comes across and they can't moderate and be sure that the replacement does all the tasks
  • Update the event on the public Google Calendar with his/her name
  • Create an event for the workshop on Facebook and Meetup, if required
  • Prepare the meetup choosing a topic, games and investing time learning about the taught concepts
  • Decide if it is going to be held indoor or outdoor
    • Update the location of the events on Facebook,, and the website if necessary
    • Update the organizers of the meetup event
    • Correct the text of the meetup event if necessary
    • Write a post reminding about the location and topic of the workshop on
      • “Improv enthusiasts in MUC” WhatsApp group
      • “Rice Cookie Improv Meetups” WhatsApp group
      • Meetup event
      • Facebook event
  • Get the room key if necessary
  • Answer questions on meetup, Whatsapp, and Facebook related to the workshop
  • Be on time
  • Ask the beginners how was their first experience with improv at the end of the workshop
  • Collect contributions and document them on the accounting spreadsheet
    • Session contributions can be summed up and written without the names
    • For monthly contributions we write the name of the person
  • Close the door and windows of the room they used
  • Go out with the group after the workshop or find a person who will do it
  • Due to the Corona regulations and to reduce any fine we could get, be sure that the list of attendees on the meetup event includes everyone who came.
  • Post on the meetup event asking for feedback. Feedback form link
  • Transfer the contributions to the treasurer


  • Choose a main topic for the meetup
  • Choose a structure for the meetup
  • Limit the number of attendees if required by the topic
  • Define admission rules for those members who are late
  • Choose to include co-moderators in the meetup
  • Decide how to make grains make respect the boundaries of other players

Required permissions

  • Member of the “Improv enthusiasts in MUC” WhatsApp group
  • Admin of the “Rice Cookie Improv Meetups” whatsapp group
  • Admin of the “RCI Moderators” whatsapp group
  • Event Organizer permissions on
  • Editor role on the facebook page
  • moderators role on the website (Dokuwiki)

Workshops in a different language

They can be part of the Rice Cookie if there is a person fully responsible for them who also uses the Rice Cookie name and adheres to the Rice Cookie vision and values. All moderators vote about this FIXME Create a FAQ entry and explain the requirements

Tasks, responsabilities and decision of the Moderator Trainer (Role)


  • Trainers must already be moderators

Tasks of the trainers

  • Support the candidates who want to become moderators
  • Document the steps and skills to become a moderator in Rice Cookie on the website
  • Inform other moderators, when the candidate is ready to moderate on his own a whole meetup


  • Define, together with other trainers, what steps and skills are required to moderate
  • Decide when the candidate is ready to take ownership of a whole meetup of 2-3 hours

Required permissions

  • The same permissions as moderator


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