Organization of the Rice Cookies

Ground rules


Every person makes decisions on the area where they take ownership of everyone with the same role. For example, all room searchers decide on the criteria to look for a room. Any issue affecting many areas will be voted by all members of the affected roles. This includes new areas like opening a new workshop in a foreign language affecting the moderators.

Each group with the same role, like the moderators, defines what tasks they are going to do, what decisions need to take and they document them on this website.

For voting, a Whatsapp group can be used. When a Yes/No question is posted, each person can vote “Yes”, “No”, or “Abstain”.

All group decisions outside of the list of responsibilities, in particular changing these ground rules, require a majority of Yes votes over No votes. Abstentions do not count. In case of a tie, the choice which preserved the status quo wins. FIXME Look for an example


A single workshop costs 5 EUR, a full calendar month costs 20 EUR. The fee is waived for anyone with financial difficulties. FIXME Create a FAQ explaining the contribution possibilities and payment methods.

The contributions are used to pay for the rental of rooms for workshops, meetup fees, and costs of preparing the workshops like ink cartridges.

Rice Cookies in other cities

Because we cannot check if the group in the new cities has the same vision and values as Rice Cookies, the new group can't use Rice Cookies in its name. These improv groups outside of Munich must use their own Meetup and social media groups. Cross-promotion is welcome.

People and responsabilities

If you want to help in any of these tasks please contact someone with that role or Lucho in case you have a new idea/role.


  • English
    • Tuesdays: Atanas “Boss”
    • Saturdays: Lucho
    • When a replacement is needed: Andy Schmidhofer, Max, Razvan, Pedro, Taseer, Usamah

Moderator trainer: Atanas, Max and Lucho
Special workshop organizer: Alessandra
Show organizer: Atanas (The Cave) and FIXME (Lightning Talks)
Promoter / Brand developer: Lucho, FIXME and Petra
Practice room searcher: Lucho
Show venues searcher: (Look and rent for locations for performing) FIXME Stopped until with have practice rooms for 2020
Threasurer (budget and accounting): Lucho
System administrator: Lucho

Please click on the link to see the responsibilities, tasks, decisions, and permissions of that role

Roles, tasks and responsabilities

Every group working on the same topic, describe their own role, update the list of tasks and decisions. They can freely decide how to do them and how to share the effort and what tools to use

System administrator (Role)


  • You are fully liable with your own financial assets for all improper handling or leakage or misuse of personal information or use of photos and videos without proper permission
  • You are fully liable with your own financial assets for any legal issue regarding the internet presence of Rice Cookies
  • You will invest one hour per month creating users, giving and revoking permissions, and checking that the backup worked
  • In case a new technical tool is required, you will spend many hours comparing alternatives and training the users in using the new tool


  • Keep the website up and running (Dokuwiki)
  • Keep the kanban board up and running (Kanboard)
  • Give and revoke permissions on Dokuwiki, Kanboard, Facebook, Youtube, and Meetup
  • Backup the kanban board and the wiki once per week at least
  • Keep offline and online backups
  • Help the group with the selection of technical tools like a conferencing service
  • Provide support in starting using those technical tools
  • FIXME Document the backup process


  • What permissions to give to every role?
  • How to do the backup?
  • What technical tools can Rice Cookie use (agreed with the affected users)?

Required permissions

  • Admin of the hosting space
  • Admin of Dokuwiki
  • Admin of Kanboard
  • Owner of the Facebook page
  • Owner of the meetup group
  • Owner of the youtube channel FIXME This could be the responsibility of the brand developers


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