Frequently asked questions - F.A.Q

I have never done theater or any artistic activity. Can I join your workshops?

We welcome anyone who wants to try improvtheater because we see it as a tool for your personal growth and for a world with more cooperation and less competition. Our long warm-ups are specially oriented to the development of interpersonal skills. During our workshops, we don't ask anybody to go on stage. Every person has his own learning pace and you will go on stage when you feel comfortable playing in front of strangers. Finally, we are a community and we go out after the workshops as a group, sing at karaokes and go to improv festivals together.

What level of English do I need to participate in your meetups?

You just need to understand the instructions of the games. If you tell the moderator that you aren't fluent in English, he/she will change the game to adapt it to you and you will speak in fantasy language or you will have another role in the game. After some sessions, you will probably start feeling confident in our meetups and you will slowly start speaking more in English.

When can I join your meetups? When can I jam with you?

All our meetups on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are opened to anyone, beginner or experienced improvers. Because some workshops on Thursdays may have admission rules, please join our Whatsapp groups to find out about them.

I am visiting Munich for a couple of days, can I join your meetups?

If you just came to Munich for a short stay and you are missing out on improv, you are welcome to join us! If you just moved to this city, you are invited to our workshops!

Do I need to pay the contribution before the meetup? How can I pay the contribution?

Contributions are collected by the moderator at the end of the meetup and your donation is appreciated if you learned something useful for your everyday life. You can pay with cash, PayPal, or SEPA transfer.

I love your workshops but I currently don't have any income. Do I need to pay the contributions?

No, we are a community and we help each other and we understand your personal situation.

How can I get updates of your regular meetups or special workshops?

Please join our meetup group

I am an improv trainer/teacher/coach and I am traveling to Germany soon. Are you interested in my special workshops?

Yes, please contact us with a link with your resume and an example of the content of one of your workshops. We will reply back, agree on what workshop will be interesting for us, the date, its length, and promote it in Munich. We can also help you with accommodation.

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