Corona regulations and hygiene plan

Summary for participants

To prevent being banned from rehearsing on this building:

  • If you had flu or cold symptoms (cough, runny nose, scratchy throat, fever, headache and body aches or fatigue) in the last 3 days, please inform the moderator and go home. Next week you can join us
  • If you had contact with Covid-19 infected person in the last two weeks, please inform the moderator and go home. Next week you can join us
  • Please go to and provide us with your full name and telephone number and date of negative test, recovery or vaccination. This allows to track the possible spreading of the virus, if there is a COVID-19 case up to 4 weeks after the rehearsal (contact tracing)

 Contact information form

  • Please use a FFP-2 mask when leaving or entering the rehearsal room
  • During the rehearsals, mouth and nose protection isn't mandatory, since the perception of facial expressions by the other person is fundamental for actors
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m.
  • Disinfect your hands when entering the rehearsal room
  • Only one person is allowed in each toilette

Summary for moderators

To prevent being banned from rehearsing on this building, paying fines and getting suited:

  • Only 20 people in Salsa Cuba are allowed
  • Check that the tests on the spot are done correctly
  • Inform Georgi Chulkov and/or Christian Köhnke Mendonca if someone has cold or flu symptoms during the rehearsal or was in contact with a COVID-19 infected person
  • Ventilate the room for 5-10 minutes every hour
  • The props are disinfected at regular intervals and before and after the rehearsals
  • Disinfect the floor when the rehearsal ends
  • Check that the meetup event contains ALL attendees

Verantwortlich für die Einhaltung aller Vorschriften:

Christian Köhnke Mendonca and/or Georgi Chulkov


Sicherheits- und Hygienekonzept (for official authorities) - Safety concept

Security and hygiene plan - (unofficial translation)

Please see above

Contact tracing procedure

If you met someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please inform one moderator.

The moderators of our improv community will:

  1. Contact all attendees of the workshops where a person with COVID-19 could have participated using SMS1) and check that everyone gets the message
    • If they give consent, those people who were in contact with COVID-19 will be named. This allows each person to assess their own infection risk
  2. To have an overview of possible infection chains, the moderators will create a diagram with the full names, telephone number and test results (if available)
  3. They will make this diagram available online to the attendees of the workshops where a person with COVID-19 could have participated and the moderators. The link to the diagram must be kept private
  4. They will give that diagram to the authorities if they contact the us or there is a COVID-19 positive tested member who entered the buildings where we practice. This is a legal requirement
  5. They will ask those who were near the first COVID-19 person to call a doctor and request a test if it is useful
  6. They will wait for the test results (2-4 working days) and update the diagram
  7. Post an update on the two whatsapp groups and send an update per SMS2) to the affected attendees once every two days before 16:30. This is useful for members who can't work from home.
  8. Held workshops online until it is clear if someone got infected with COVID-19 and came to our workshops
  9. We will continue with our in-person workshops 2 weeks after the last positive COVID-19 in our improv community. After 14 days, 95% of infected persons show signs of the virus (incubation time)
  10. They will store the diagram encrypted offline in an USB-Stick for 4 weeks after the last positive COVID-19 case. This is a legal requirement.
  11. They will remove the diagram from the online site
  12. Discuss takeaways with the moderators and improve this process
It is difficult to use to contact groups and be sure that the message was read
for those who aren't on whatsapp


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