Here is a list of all the currently active improv-theater groups and courses in Munich. If you know of one which it isn't here or I made a mistake, please let me know. The improv scene in Munich is always changing.

Groups open to new members

If you want to know what is improv about or you just moved to Munich and you are missing playing improv, you can contact these groups. Some of them like Rice Cookie welcome travellers and you can join any of their workshops whenever you want. The other groups may have their own rules.

Group or School's Name Language When they meet? Where? Moderator or trainer Cost Link Updated on
0acht9 German ? ? Graciette Justo ? 19.06.2019
Experiencia Impro Spanish Every Thursday ? Matias ? Experiencia Impro 23.03.2021
Familie Kowalski German Every two weeks ? Susan Free 31.01.2019
Die heißen Apfeltaschen German Thrusdays Near Studentenstadt ? ? Die heißen Apfeltaschen 31.07.2020
Improv Scuba Drivers English Every two weeks on Wednesday they organize open jams Check the location on Facebook ? Free Facebook 11.11.2018
Improvshine English Every Friday online Anki Free Website Facebook 23.10.2021
Rice Cookies English Every Saturday Near Häckerbrücke Anki, Christian, Georgi, Max and many other moderators EUR 5 Rice Cookie Improv in Munich 23.10.2021
Synapsenbastler German ? ? Graciette Justo ? 19.06.2019
We Space Improgruppe German Sundays from 13 to 17 every two weeks Gockenbackwerkstatt Many volunteers Donation Facebook 22.05.2018
Vollhagelstern German Wednesdays ? Graciette Justo ? 20.01.2019

Probably close amateur groups

I still didn't had any opportunity to meet any member of these groups. Due to this, it is unclear if they are looking for new players.

Group or School's NameLanguageArtistical directorLinkUpdated on
Die SeidlingersGermanStefan Steinsteinst at web dot de21.04.2020
Die SpieldosenGerman?

Close amateur Groups

Because they have their own acting concept which requires a high level of commitment, these improv groups are currently not looking for members. If you go to their shows, you can always meet the players and stay in touch with them. In the future they may do a casting for new players.

Group or School's Name Language Artistical Director Link Updated on
Impro 9 From Outer Space English ? 25.02.2018
No train today / Blue Couch Englisch Georgi Chulkov Georgi Chulkov 01.10.2019
Tantalizers English Peter und Kyra Peter Kyra 01.10.2019

Improvtheater Schools - Paid courses

After you have tried improv by going to one of the amateur open groups and you liked it, I recommend you to take a paid course deepen your knowledge about the principles behind improv and to learn the basic structure of scenes and stories. After you finish the course, you may join an amateur group and practise regularly.

Group or School's NameLanguageLinkUpdated on
Domino ImproGerman
Fast Food Impro-SchuleGerman
ImproMunichornGerman and Englischimpromunichorn.de02.02.2019
Mixxit ImprotheaterGerman
Schauspeilwerkstatt MünchenGerman
Tatwort Fun schoolGerman
VHS Course “Improvisationstheater – dein Auftritt” from Carten Schleuß at VHSGermanVHS-München22.05.2018
VHS Course from Graciette Justo at VHSGermanVHS-München22.06.2019

Professional Improv Essembles

These improv groups were established by professional actors. If you are looking for an improv show in Munich, just check their website. They also can be contracted for team building events, product presentations, birthday parties and weddings.

Group or School's NameLanguageArtistical DirectorLinkUpdated on
Bake ThisEnglishJodi PflegharWebsite See next events in Meetup Group25.02.2019
Ectasy für ArmeGerman?
Fast foodGerman?
Los, Paul!German?
Impro alla TurkaGerman?
MixxitGermanMichael Dietrich
Stadt Land ImproGerman?


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