Sofia Improv Festival 2019

When: Mo 23 to Su 29.09.2019 Website:


Tickets: Price: from EUR 40 Where to buy them? On the website

:!: On sale on Monday June 24rd at 9:00 am.


New location for some of the workshops: The theater, as well as possibly some of the workshops, are at the main location here:

Type of accomodationNameAprox. walking distance to workshops (minutes)Aprox. walking distance to theater (minutes)Price per night (EUR)Air conditioningLinkCommentsCleanliness
Hostel - 2 rooms with 4 and 3 bedsHello Sofia42011YesHello SofiaOne room ensuite, 10 minutes away from the hostel7 of 10
HostelRecommended by Karola51010 in a 5-beds room (17 for a doble room from 24/09)YesCentral most Sofia homestay 20m opp Serdika statioIf we don't mind sleeping in a 5 beds rooms, it is the best optionGood
Hostel - 2 rooms with 4 and 3 bedsGuesthouse Center Sofia42011NoGuesthouse center SofiaLinen not included. This doesn't speak good about the hostel5 of 10
Hostel - in 6-beds roomsN1101412NoHostel N1 in Sofia.8 of 10
Appartment - 5 beds in three roomsSpacious ★ Minimalist ★ Central ★ Metro ★ Sleeps 8252512YesSpacious ★ Minimalist ★ Central ★ Metro ★ Sleeps 8We need a sleeping bag5 of 5
Appartment - 6 beds in 2 roomsSofia Top Center at the famous Shishman street2068,5NoSofia Top Center at the famous Shishman street.5 of 5
Appartment - 5 beds in 2 roomsHigh Tech – luxurious apartment25229,5YesHigh Tech – luxurious apartmentOne sleeping bag is needed5 of 5
Appartment - 6 beds in 2 rooms2BDR house in the HEART of the CITY CENTER82214 (free from 23.09)Yes2BDR house in the HEART of the CITY CENTERNot available until 23.095 of 5

:!: Without breakfast

We are the ones insterested in booking an accommodation in Sofia. No one of us arrives and departs on the same time. So a hostel will be the first option.

I asked the hostel, they confirmed that they have space for us, it seems it's 9€ per day per person. I asked them what r the max amount of ppl they can accommodate, they confirmed 18-20ppl min. :) This was a simple and cheap hostel with good location in Sofia where I stayed

Included in the group booking:

Who Arrival date Depart date Room Booking
Atanas D 23 27 Luchos
Eduardo 21 27/09 Julis
Tanusree 21.09 29.09 Julis
Julie 21 01 Julis
Lucho 23 29 Luchos
David 24/09 01/10 Julis
Kyra 24/09 01/10 Luchos, Julis for the last 2 days


  • 5 votes Hostel all together
  • 4 votes airbnb all together
  • 3 votes leave me alone
  • 2 hotel

Flights from Munich

The following airlines flight to Sofia:

  • Ryanair: Only has flights on Mondays and Saturdays. :-( No flights on September.
  • Wizz air: Only has flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from the airport Friedrichshafen (2,5 hours away from Munich with FlixBus :!:)
  • Lufthansa
  • Alitalia
  • Austrian Airways
WhoFlights to Sofia onComes backAirline
LuchoMo 23 Sep 2019 10:25-14:45Su 29 Sep 2019 15:30-29 Sep 2019 18:35Adria Airways

Interesting workshops

Luchos chooice in preference order, first are more interesting:

Title Trainer Date and time Attended by
Improv Toolbox Gael Doorneweerd-Perry Tu 1030-1730 Tanusree, Eduardo, Alex, Georgi, Irem
Intimacy and relationship Jeremie Day Glider We 1030-1330 Lucho, Julie, Atanas A, Kyra
Improvise a silent play, Mixer Gael Doorneweerd-Perry We 1030-1730 Tanusree, Eduardo, Georgi
Say What? Noah Levin We 1430-1730 Irem, David, Julie, Alex, Kyra
The gift of presence Ella Galt Th 1030-1330 Lucho, Julie, Atanas D.
Stick to the story Noah Levin Th 1030-1330 Irem, Kyra, David
Get Personal Inbal Lori Th 1030-1730 Georgi, Atanas D., Eduardo
Let's Play Seriously Kiva Murphy Th 1430-1730 Kyra, David
Your body can create 1001 characters Cédric Marchal Th 1430-1730 Irem, Julie, Atanas D.
Mime and Object Work Cédric Marchal Fr 1030-1730 Lucho, Tanusree, Georgi, Irem
Atomic Improv Dan Seyfried Fr 1430-1730 Julie, Atanas D., David
Stage Friction Lee White Fr 1030-1730 Atanas A
Pretty Flower Noah Levin Fr 1030-1730 Alex, Kyra
The I in Team Jeremie Day Glider Sa 1430-1730 Lucho
Listening and Acceptance Lee White Sa 1030-1330 Lucho, Tanusree,
Let go and Emote Ella Galt Sa 1030-1730
Unplug your brain Day Seyfried Sa 1030-1730 Irem, Georgi, Julie
Connected People Gael Doorneweerd-Perry Su 1030-1730 Georgi, Julie
your 15 Minutes of Fame! Lee White Su 1030-1730 Kyra

In bold is the most preferred workshop of that day.


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