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List of improv-theater festivals in Europe

Please let me know if you know of any festival going on in the next months in Europe.

When Name Where Details Rice grains going there?
November 2020 BIG Festival Barcelona, Spain
08-13.10.2020 Moment! Vienna, Austria Moment!
22-27.09.2020 Sofia Improv Festival Sofia, Bulgaria Sofia Improv Festival Yes
02-06.06.2019 Mount Olymprov Athen, Greece Mount Olymprov Yes
25.01-02.02.2020 Amsterdam Improv Festival Amsterdam, Holland Details Yes
31.10-03.11.2019 Improvember Munich, Germany Official website Yes
24-30.09.2019 Sofia Improv Festival Sofia, Bulgaria Details Yes
04-08.06.2019 Mount Olymprov Athen, Greece Details Yes

Complete list of festivals in Europe


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