Amsterdam Improv Festival 2020

When: Sa 25.01.2020 to Sa 01.02.2020


Tickets: Price: from EUR Where to buy them? On the website


Type of accomodationNameAprox. walking distance to workshops (minutes)Aprox. walking distance to theater (minutes)Price per night (EUR)Air conditioningLinkCommentsCleanliness

FIXME Look for accomodation options (airbnb and hostels) FIXME The average price seems to EUR 38 per night :!: Without breakfast

Included in the group booking:

WhoArrival dateDepart dateRoom Booking

Flights from Munich

The following airlines flight to Amsterdam:

Who Flights on Comes back Airline Price EUR Booked
Lucho Mi 29.01 at 2005-2145 Su 02.02 at 1750-1915 KLM 126 Yes

Interesting workshops

Luchos chooice in preference order, first are more interesting:

Title Trainer Date and time Where Booked by Lucho
Characters Paula Galimberti Mo 14-17 Compagnietheater Flexkantoor
The Tiny Glass Person Feña Ortalli Mo 14-17
Now You See It… Feña Ortalli Tu 14-17
The different faces Jacintha Damström Tu 1000-1300
Playing from the Wings Kevin Miller Tu 1400-1700
Physicality Frédéric Pont We 10-17
The Thin Veil Jeremie Day Glider We 1400-1700
The Physical Comedian Morgan Mansouri Th 10-17 Yes
It’s Sad, and that’s OK Theo Langason Th 1400-1700 Compagnietheater Grote Zaal
Playing With Drama: Mexican Novels Alan Champy Fr 14-17 Yes
The Power of Many Cardume Fr 10-13
What Comes Next Ella Galt Sa 1st 10-17 Yes
I Am a Terrible Person and I Ruined Everything for Everybody Jules Munns Sa 1st 14-17

In bold is the most preferred workshop of that day. Each all-day course costs EUR 80.

Interesting shows

Luchos choice in preference order, first are more interesting:

Who Date and time Where Booked by Lucho
Cardume Fr 22:45 Compagnietheater Kleine Zaal Yes
Paula and Inbal Th 21:20 Compagnietheater Grote Zaal Yes
Heather Urquhart & Joe Bill Mi 21:20 Compagnietheater Grote Zaal No, my flight arrives that day

EUR 20 is the entrance fee for the whole night


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