List of improv games for teachers and moderators

Here you will find games grouped by topic, 3-hours long workshops and games for online improv.

Tips for preparing your own routine

  • For a 3-hours workshop with a long warm-up for beginners you usually need 18 games:
    • 6 warm-ups
    • 6 exercises
    • 6 games for shows
    • If the workshop is only 2-hours long, you need to look for 4 games of each type
  • Always add one game to explain the concept of Yes and… if you are expecting beginners
  • Include one cold down exercise like Memory game or Count until 21 as a group
  • Don't talk to much when explaining the games, just show by doing with some veteran players. This is specially true in games with many participants

Game Sets for short-form

4-months programme for beginners

Long-form games

Give the group enough time to develope the scene! Usually 30 minutes are required.

  • Long form getting to a final scene: The audience proposes a topic. 4 short scenes are played and one is choosen by the audience. The players have to play many scenes which end in the choosen scene LOL
  • Free form with temporal connections: Sequence of short scenes with 2-3 players. When a players enters, he tags one of the last scenes and says a temporal connection like “one year later”, “two weeks before” or “when he was 18 years old”. Students from Second City playing this game LOL
  • Armando: Initial monologue based on the suggestion of the audience. Then players in groups of three perform scenes related to the monologue.
  • Triple Play: 3 teams of 3 players tell 3 stories in three scenes
  • Charakter-Reigen Chain of characters LOL
  • Funeral service FIXME Too structucted. It will be better to use it as inspiration for three of more short stories

Warm-up for long form

  • Character freeze on stage: LOL One player stands in the front and all other players are standing in a row behind him. The first player starts playing a character without talking and all the other one imitate him as good as possible. After the character is establish another player clashes and he comes to the front. He starts a do a second character and all other players imitate him. It is an excellent warm-up to tighten the connection of the players on stage.

For audience warm-up

List of games for online improv

Improv games for kids

Websites with Improvisation Games

Online tools for improv teachers


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