Online tools for improv teachers

Ramdom sentence picker: All sentences were written by hummans and make sense you can use them on “Hesitate”, “Weird news casters” and “Who's line is that?” games.

Random phrase picker: With an explanation of the meaning
Random picture picker
Random object picker
Random movie character picker

List of locations, characters and quirks, genres, emotions, news and lines for scenes

List of locations, characters and quirks, genres, emotions, news, ask for, relationships and lines for scenes

You can also use those lists with the custom random picker: You can enter a list of words or sentences and it will pick one. If you are using Android, you can import the lists into the Random Name Picker and get a random suggestions without the need of an internet connection.

List of TV programmes

Love from space
Penguins get extinct in Brazil
Herold and the machine
Slavery TV
Subsconscius is talking to you
Why the moon and the sun never talks to each other?
Monkeys on a train
Toilette Cleaning Europeran Championship
Distortion Time
Beautiful evening at home
The killing pumpkins in East Butterfield
Colon Surgery for Children
wrestling meets yoga
Fall into the Skyscraper
Smartphones complaining about the owners
The day when the sky fell on my head
Far West with gigabit connection


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