Games for intermediate players


These games must be played grouped with similar ones related to the same topic. This gives people the opportunity to improve their habilities.

I tried to play one of them separately and people don't get engaged.

Group games in circles

Playing Scenes: (Topic: Emotions)

  • Guess emotions in the waiting room of a doctor: Three players choose emotions like nervous, happy, in love, angry, hungry, curios, melancoly. They enter the stage slowly giving one minute to each person to show the emotion. At the end, the public guess that the emotions were and how to communicate it.

Playing Scenes: (Topic: Guessing)

  • Boris comes: One player leaves the room and the public chooses a crime which he has committed like kidnapping a famous person. When the comes back he is at a police station and two policemen interrogate him. He recognizes the crime from the beginning (accepting). When the policemen get impatient they threat him to call Boris, the torture expert. The first player has to be frighten about him and he must continue telling about the crime trying to guess that he did. Boris will never come and there is not torture in the scene. If the “policemen” try to hurt the criminal, the moderator can enter the scene and remove the negative energy.

Playing Scenes (Topic: Character development)

  • Amerikanische Sitcom (in German) with a child, a pet, a neighbour, a mother and father. The audience gives ein tick for the child, a trick for the pet, nationality for the neighbour, phycological problem for the mother and father and the moral of the story. Then they play.

Playing Scenes (Topic: Accepting)

  • Six episodes must be planned in one minute to describe a big task like opening a new disco for old people.

Playing Scenes (Topic: Status)

  • The brick with status: The players are in two rows and the give a light, heavy and medium brick to their partners. The moderator can choose if the next player has a higher or lower status as the last player.

Playing Scenes (Topic: Storytelling)

  • Superscene: :!: It is very difficult to keep to energy during the whole game.

Playing scene: Actions and places

  • Dubbing actions: Two players with different (tensions fatigue, on holidays, contained positive and negative energy, on danger) play a scene without talking in a place with a strong action like operating a patient, exterminating rats. After a while, they replay the scene, this time they have to discuss about a topic which don't belong to that place. Players have to try to talk seldom and emotional discussions are nicer.
  • Laid down scene: Two player are laying down on the floor and the audience is standing at a semicircle in front of them. They have to play an scene based on a suggestion of the audience laying on the floor horizontal. Up is upstage and down is downstage. LOL

LOL The group enjoyed these games


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