List of Games #8 with focus on building trust

Length: more than 3 hours

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Building trust - On Saturday

Hallo Rice Grains,

To spontaneously create a scene out of thin air, on stage in front of a live audience, we have to trust our fellow actors to make them look good. Trust is the invisible thread that ties teams together. As we know from our personal relationships, trust isn’t something that can be forced. Even if you want to trust someone, your history with that person, or even your own background, can keep you from sharing openly. We will begin with improv games designed to get us thinking collaboratively while practising trust with each other. Then we will focuss on listening and accepting. At the end it will be showtime and we will put all our trust in practice.

Beginners and experienced players are more than welcome!

We will meet this Saturday at 15:00 near the bridge at the Englisch Garten:

FIXME Google Maps link to location

Due to the Corona regulations, we will have a maximum of 20 participants and we need to log who comes. Reserve your place here:

FIXME Link to meetup

Because we are going to get into the moment while playing the first games, please be on time. If you have flu or cold symptoms during the 3 days before, we will be thankful if you stay at home. Next Saturday and Tuesday there will be improv again!

Looking forward to have fun with you!


Individual games to wake up

  • Jumpers like a pop corn in group
  • Bunny: LOL With a bunny, a car, a cow, a washing machine and an elephant. An then Elephant
  • Walking with roles: All the players walk randomly around the room and the moderator names roles like god, monk, Lucifer, king, minister. The player change their mood based on the roles
  • Be my fan: Winners get fans by playing scissors, rock and paper
  • Sword of samurai for a big group as slowly as possible
  • Virus: A ball is needed

Group games in circles

Group games to build trust

Games in pairs

  • Seaweed: Divide the players in trios. One is a seaweed, closes his/her eyes and moves as a reaction to the touchs of the other two players. The seaweed must not move her/his feets. 10 minutes.
  • Cloud game: Continuation of the seaweed game. Ask for 3 volunteers. They will be clouds which move around the room as a reaction of the touches of other players. Because their eyes are closed, the group takes care for the safety of the “clouds”. After a while, 5 volunteers become clouds. Duration: 20 minutes
  • Movement expert: One player ask to the other one if he can do … movements? (matemathical, national, shot, selbst-understanble, early, fresh, old, ununderstandable). The other one answer “Yes” and does it until the second one says “Thanks”
  • Ksss: Not mirroing the partner

Games in pairs - Build trust

Playing Scenes

  • Blind date with word per word: Two players sit together and can only say one word at the moment. The third player can talk normally. They all are in a blind date and they try to make a conversation.
  • Machine: 4 Players do a machine which don't exist
  • Crossed Word per Word: Four players sit on four chair what to the front. They start telling two stories word per word. Other 2-3 players just walk around the circle trying to understand the stories

Playing Scenes: Building Trust

Using touching as inspiration

Establish the boundaries of the group before playing these games.

  • Scene with a ghost: Two players establish CROW on a scene. Afterwards a third player behind them touches them once in a while. They have to use that as an input for adding new elements to the scene. For example, a touch on the feet can make one player find something on the floor.
  • Scene with players touching each other: Two players establish CROW on a scene. After a while, they may touch the shoulder of the other player and use that to add elements to the scene.
    • At the end share ways how touch affects your character

Playing Scenes - Topic: Places

Playing Scenes - Topic: Character development

  • Character Quadrant: Each of the four players have a relationship with the players on the left and the right

LOL The group enjoyed these games


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