List of Games #7 with focus on spontaneity

Length: 2 hours

Individual games to wake up

  • Circle Up: Moving your legs and arm faster. Move your right arm counting back from 7 to 1, move your left hand counting back from 7 to 1, move your right leg countin from 7 to 1, move your left leg counting from 7 to 1. Then repeat faster counting from 6 to 1, 5 to 1, continue until counting only one.
  • Association circle: Every player repeats the word of the person right and they he says a word as fast as possible.
  • Noise ball: With a sound, after two rounds with a sound and an emotion.
  • Word per word circle: The group has to tell a story without using the word “but”. Each person can only say one word.
  • Flock Dance: Dance in a pyramid following the line of players before us
  • Samurai or Hi-Ha-Ho:: LOL On player says “Ho” and points with his hands formind a sword to another player. This one defends himself with his sword -pointing his two palms to the air - saying “Hi”. The two player on his sides cut his body with a “sword” saying “Ha”. Then he points to the next player saying “Ho” and using his palms as a sword

Individual games about spontaneity

Group games in circles

Games in pairs

Playing Scenes

  • Fantasy language and normal: Two players play a scene. The title is given by the public. When the moderator appluases, they start speaking in the fantasy language. When he applauses, they speak normally again. The moderator will appluase each time faster.
  • I, you, we: LOL The players stand up in two rows. One of the row is for the players who start the scene. They must say a sentence starting with “I…”. The second player of the other row continues with a sentence with “You…”. Afterwards the first player finishes saying “We…”. When the scene finish, they go to the opposite row. The players must give details to create a CROW story
  • Go on or thank you!: Two players play a scene starting with a suggestion from the audience. After one minute, the moderator ask the audience if the can go on or they finish there (Thank you). Every one minute the audience decides if the scene continues. It a cruel game but the players have to establish fast who they are, where they are and the relationship between them.

Playing scenes - Topic: Spontaneity

  • Mantra Introduction: To show that we should not be afraid of brain freeze
  • Become different objects like jars of mayonnaise, flowers in a garden, old chairs on the street, cars in a race, water in a lake as a group. The audience can write the things in a post its. LOL
  • Death in the far west: All the players stand in a circle. The moderator names someone. This player must fall to the floor while the two player on his sides must try to shoot to the other one as fast a possible. The slowest person in shot is death or the person named is death if they didn't fall to the floor. The death person leaves the circle. The moderator names the next players and the games continues until 2 people are left. :!: This game is competitive
  • Word per word with two pairs of actors playing a scene in a place. When they don't know what to say, they have to focus on doing actions
  • Word per word with a jumping player: The public chooses a place and thre players play a scene but each of them can only say a word at a time and the third player helps the players one and two each time to say a dialogue.
  • Space Jump: Freeze game with up to five players coming into the scene
  • Blind Freeze LOL with only two people on stage. Or two pair playing one scene
  • ABC Game (in German]: LOL Starting a sentence with A, the next player uses B and so on
  • Ding/New offer/New choice: Two players are playing a scene with a place and a relationship. Then the moderators makes an applause the last sentence has to be changed: “I don't like this place” for “This place is wonderful”. It may be the opposite or something completely different LOL
  • Story Solo: Storytelling with thrown words. :!: Use A4 sheets with big letters to make the player easy to understand the words

LOL The group enjoyed these games


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