List of Games #13 with focus on storytelling

Length: more than 2 hours

Individual games to wake up

Group games in circles

  • Clown Storytelling: Everyone is sitting in a circle. Someone starts to tell a story. Wenn he applauses and makes eye contact with another player, this player continues with the story
  • Stagecoach: Have the group sit in a circle. You stand in centre (without a chair). Point at each person to suggest something they would find on a Stagecoach (e.g a gun, moonshine, sherrif) ending with your own. Go round again to remind everyone before you play. So: start telling a story which includes the suggestions. The idea is to include as many of the suggestions as you can remember whilst making good sense of the story. Each time you say one of their suggestions (or indeed your own) the person must turn around on 3 times. Whenever you say ‘Stagecoach’ everyone has to swap chairs leaving a new player in the middle to continue the story on. The game is over when all suggestions have been said (there's always one which is forgotten) or the story reaches its end. It's worth remembering this should be an adventure! Stuff needs to happen in the story. We need action! While some play it as a simple memory game, telling a good story is the main aim. Of course after Stagecoach you can come up with any titles - Airplane, Fairground, Castle, Prison etc. LOL

Games in pairs

Playing scenes - Storytelling

  • Space Jump: Freeze game with up to five players coming into the scene
  • Funeral service FIXME Too structucted. It will be better to use it as inspiration for three of more short stories
  • Pricess bridge: Two players start a scene, they continue until one says “Then I told her about the time…”, “And he told me about…”, “That made me remember how earlier in the day…”, “When I saw it, I remembered something from my childhood…”, “It reminded me of a dream I once had…”, “Looking at her, I thought of how we'd met…”, “I told her it was like a story I read in a book years ago…” and they freeze. Then two new players play this second scene until one remembers something which happened. After many scenes have to played a scene is ended and it continues back to the last players until the beginning is reaching FIXME More structure is required

Playing Scenes: Making strong offers

LOL The group enjoyed these games


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