List of Games with focus on listening II

Length: more than 2 hours

Warm up

  • Applause with one person in between crunching and deciding if the applause is up or down and in what direction it continuous
  • Yes, we do it!: People walk in the room, one person begins saying “Let's jump with one leg!”, “yes, let's do it answer the rest of the players and they do it. Afterwards someone propose something else

Group exercises: Listening

  • Change Places If .... with chairs or paper sheets on the floor
  • Stand and sit at the same time: The group forms a circule and they sit down. Two people have to stand up and sit in the middle. A second paar comes afterwards and sits in the middle. After everyone is sitting in the middle, every two persons must stand up. The whole room can be used
  • Emotional mirror in Greberish
  • Count as a group using numbers, the alphabet and non repeating cities. Every player has to ask himself “Does the group needs me to say the next number, letter or city?”. Listen and calm down. To go back to 1 isn't a punishment for the group but a rule of a collaboration exercise

Pair exercises: Listening

  • Change 3 things: In pairs, study your partner, then turn and face away from each other and change 3 things about your physical appearance. After looking at your partner again, both have to guess what 3 things did the other change. Then repeat with 4 and 5 things.
  • Telling a story: In pairs, always saying yes

Playing Scenes: Listening

  • Game “Speak and stay” where there is no moderator because the group has to moderate itself and the talking-time of every person must be equal
  • Yes and then with pantonime
  • Gentle manipulation - dressage with an activity or action to guide the second player to guess what the action is.
  • Next sentence starts with the last letter: Players repetive the last letter of the sentence of last player.
  • 32: Two or more players play a scene in a place given by the audience. They can't speak. Instead they have to count until 32, one number at the time. This helps the other players to listen and to concentrate in body language and entonation

Games for a show

  • Superheroes with and without status change
  • Why I was late: One players goes out of the room. The audience chooses three reasons why he was late to work. Then he comes back and the “boss” is going to ask him many times, why the came late until he guess it. Two players behind the “boss” give him hints without speaking. If the boss turn around and see them in a silly position, when have to explain why they are going what they are doing.

LOL The group enjoyed these games


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