List of Games with focus on listening

Length: more than 2 hours

Individual games to wake up

Group games in circles

Walking exercises - Acepting and listening

  • Group Order by age, weight, shoe size, hair colour, finger length, mental health, personal hygiene, number of ex-lovers, by blue

Pair exercises: Listening

  • Ask the group, When they are interested in what other person is saying?
  • Interested on one word: Player A starts telling a story one sentence at a time. After one sentence, player B asks using one or two words of the sentence. For example: “Yesterday I was walking in the park with my puppy.”, “puppy?”, “Yes, I bought a puppy last week at the main street market”, “street market”, “The ones that opens once a year in front of the St. Paul Church near the river”, “river?”…
  • 2 players scene with sentence repetition: Player A starts a scene with a suggestion of a place, character, relationship or object. Player B must repeat the last sentence of player A (with other intonation) before adding new elements to the dialogue. Then player A repeats the last sentence of player B. The goal is to focus in listening to the other player and use that input as acting material without talking too much. Short sentences are preferred here.
  • You seem to be…: The two players start staring at each other until one of them says: “You seem to be (exhausted today)”. The other player will slowly react and establish why he is in this state of mind. When the two players have difficulties to come up with something to say, they lean back and say “You seem to be…”. The goal is to find something on the other person to say

Games in pairs - Emotions and accepting

Games in groups - Listening

  • Abstract action in pairs: One player starts doing an abstract action which don't have any meaning. Someone in the circle shouts “I know what you are doing” and explains what it is. Then the second player starts another action and the game continues. The goal is to focus on the actions of other people
  • Counting until 21 lying down: Make groups of 5 or 6 people. Each group has to count until 21 as a whole. To count, one person has to lift his leg at once. If two people lift their legs at the same time, the group has to start from 1 again. :!: It is easy for the group to cheat. A supervisor must be there

Playing Scenes: Listening

  • Gentle manipulation - dressage with an activity or action to guide the second player to guess what the action is.
  • Silent Post: four monologues in a row with the other players outside the room. To see how facial expressions and emotions are changed
  • The oracle: Five players are standing on the stage in a row looking to the audience. The shortest player in front and the tallest at the back. The audience asks deep questions and they have to answer them as they were only one person. This game requires lots of listening.

Playing scenes with verbal wits

Playing Scenes - Topic: Narrative

Playing Scenes - Topic: Emotions

  • Changing vehicules: Four players sit on a vehicule with two chairs in the front and two in the back. A fifth player comes with a sentence to introduce a new vehicule (for example horse carriage, space ship, submarine, James Bond's auto, Team A going to a mission, boat in the sea). The longest player on stage leaves and the scene starts with short scenes. LOL

Playing Scenes - Topic: Limitations

LOL The group enjoyed these games


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