List of Games #10 with games on giving and taking focus

Length: more than 3 hours

Individual games to wake up

Group games in circles

  • The brick: One player imagines a brick and he gives it to the person next to him. The second player must focus on the weight of the brick, it must be the same.
  • The golden goose: All the player are in a circle with one player in the middle. This player picks a second one and says in a strage manner “He/She has the golden goose”. The choosen one repeats “I have the golder goose” imitating the first player. The two players on his sides shout “He has the golden goose” increasing the emotion. Then the next 2 increase even more the emotion when they shout.

Walking exercises

Games in pairs

Playing Scenes

Games in pairs - Build trust

Playing Scenes: Give and take focus

  • Human machine: It is important that every player integrates his movement into the movements of the other ones and that every seems to be an integrated component of a big machine. This is a deep cooperation exercise.
  • Open Offer Establishing a platform on a group
  • Human orchestra: LOL Each players gets an imaginary instrument. The conductor (moderator) tells one when he must sing a tone and the other ones must follow his pace. Then the colaboration is there, more musicians are going to sing their tune, taking the other players into account. The aim is to have a full orchestra singing nicely.
  • Major, Minor: With a ball or simply walking and stopping
  • Sit, stand up and lay down: Always one of the three players must be sitting (or crunches), another one standing and the last one laying and they must find explanations to change the positions
  • A scene giving and taking: 3 pairs of players are on stage at a place choosen by the public. All sit on their squats. One pair starts playing the scene. Then a second pair wants the play, they stand up and the firt one must sit on their squats.At any moment there must be only one pair playing the scene.

Playing Scenes - Topic: Always playing an action on stage

  • Countdown - Replay: The actors perform a complete scene with a beginning, middle, and end in a set amount of time. The scene is then repeated identically, line for line, action for action, in decreasing time frames, often in half the time. I.e., the first performance takes 3 minutes, the next 1.5 minutes, the next 45 seconds, and finally 20 seconds or less. Always playing a shorter scene.

Playing Scenes - Topic: Narrative

LOL The group enjoyed these games


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